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28 March 2009

8) Companies That Lease Beginning Owner Operators Who Have No Experience

'83 Kenworth

Getting Started As an Owner Operator

8) Companies That Lease Beginning Owner Operators Who Have No Experience

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10) Truck Driving Schools

This list has been updated. See: Part 2 (below).

If you want to become an owner operator, but you don't have any experience, if you are just beginning, if you are fresh out of truck driving school, who will hire you?

Below is a list of companies I found on the internet through various sources that stated these companies would hire an owner operator who has no experience.

Most of these companies have websites, but a few of them don't. I do not know anything about them, so I am not endorsing them.

So, if you are looking for an owner operator trucking job, check out these companies. (Remember, the owner operator is really a trucking business, not a "job".)

List of Companies - Part 1: (Scroll down for Part 2)

4 Star Bulk Transport
Allegiance Transportation, LLC
Altar Hauling, LLC
American Best Transportation
American Shipper
American Trans Freight
Amexx Express, Inc.
Astle's Trucking, Inc.
Barr-Nunn Transportation /Owner Operator Division
Baxter Express Services, Inc.
Bear Transportation Solutions
BGD Express, Inc.
Boats on Wheels
Cain and Forshee Trucking, LLC
CalCoast Cargo
California Cartage Express
Celtic Xpress
Champion Logistics Group
Cheema Freightlines, LLC
Chicoda Carriers, Inc.
CLC Trucking
Clearpoint Transportation
Confident Transport, Inc.
Container Express, Inc.
Cortrans Logistics
Crown Carriers, Inc.
CRST Malone, Inc
Dahl Trucking, LLC
Dart Trucking Company, Inc.
DD and S Express
Dimax Express, Inc.
Divide Transport
Divinity, LLC
Dog House Trucking
DTI Logistics
Eagan Transport, Inc.
Enterprise Truck Line
Federal Logistics
FFE Transportation Services, Inc
First Team Transport Group
Four Season Environmental, Inc.
FTI Inc.
Gentle Touch Auto Transport, LLC
Go 4 Trucking, Inc.
Gorno Transportation Services
Grace Transportation Services Inc
Heartland Express
Integrated Transport Logistics, Inc.
J and J Christian Transport
J L Shandy Transportation, Inc.
JB Hunt
Jimmy's Transport Express
Keytran Transporters
Knight Transportation, Inc.
KP Inc.
Legacy Express, Inc.
Lenny B's Express
Lessors, Inc
Liberty Transfer
Lucky Trucking
M and L Logistics
Magann Atlantic
Marten Transport/Owner Operator division
Mason Dixon Intermodal, Inc.
McLeod Express, LLC
Meadowlark Companies
My Express, Inc
NJ Re-Cycle Inc.
North Atlantic Leasing, Inc.
Owl Wire and Cable, Inc.
Panther Expedited Services, Inc.
Pavco Trucking Company
Perpetual Motion, LLC
PGT Trucking/Owner Operator Division
Pioneer Freight
Rhodes Farms & Trucking, LLC
RR Express
S and S Transport, Inc.
Shippers Support
Showtronics, LLC
Silver Streak Transportation, LLC
Snowy Owl Transportation
Southeastern Trailer Transport, LLC
Southwind Transportation
Sterling Global Express
STS Limited
Sunteck Transport Carrier Group
Supreme Auto Transport, Inc
Swift Transportation
SZL, Inc.
T Sammons LLC
Tennessee Steel Haulers
Timberline Transport, LLC
Transportation Network
Transtrak Expeditors, Ltd.
Truner Brothers Trucking
Universal AM CAN Ltd.
Velocity Express
W. J. Donovan, Inc. (Mayflower Transit, LLC Agent)
W. S. Carrier Services, Inc.
Western Sky, Inc.
Wheeling Transportation
Woody's Trucking' LLC
Zelenka Nursery, LLC

List of Companies - Part 2:

A.I.M.E. Logistics
Agricultural Express
Barton Transport, LLC
Blackwater Logistics
Buchanan Hauling & Rigging, Inc.
C and C Transportation
C. White and Son, Inc.
Cargo Express, Inc.
Central Freight Lines, Inc.
Christenson Transportation, Inc.
Clark Transfer, Inc.
CR England
Cramer Transportation, Inc.
Crete Carrier Corporation
CRST Van Expedited
Cypress Truck Lines, Inc.
Danny Herman Trucking
Dependable Carriers, Inc.
Dice Transport, Inc.
E H Transport LLC
East-West, Inc.
Express – 1 Expedited Solutions
Finnegan's Moving and Warehouse Corporation
Fremont Contract Carriers
Frontrunner Logistics, Inc.
Hammell Transport Service, Inc.
Hotshot Logistics, LLC
Howells Motor Freight, Inc.
JK Moving and Storage, Inc.
JN Trans
Joe Zaputil Trucking, Inc.
Keystone Freight
Langer Transport Corporatation
Link America
Liquid Transport
Loadstar Transport
Lonestar Transportation
M. S. Molitor Trucking, Inc.
Maverick Transportation LLC
May Trucking Co.
McCrary Enterprises, Inc.
Midnite Express, Inc.
Midwest Express Corporation
Midwest Livestock Express, Inc.
Nancy Baer Trucking, Inc.
National Distributors Leasing, Inc.
O. L. Price Trucking, Inc.
Pride Express LTD
Pro Fleet Transport Corporation
Reeve Trucking
Refrigerated Delivery Service
RH Stover Transport
Risinger Brothers Transfer
Road Warriors Auto Transporter
Roehl Transport, Inc.
Ron Burge Trucking, Inc.
S and M Transportation, Inc.
Safe Handling, Inc.
Sammons Trucking
Schneider National, Inc.
Sherman Bros. Trucking
SJ Tranportation
Summitt Trucking
Sunset Pacific Transportation
Tandem Transport
Towne Air Freight
Trailway Enterprises, Inc.
Transco Lines, Inc.
Transport Service Company
Triple S. Trucking
TST Expedited Services
Turner Brothers, Trucking
Venture Logistics
Wayne Transportation
Werner Enterprises
West Atlantic Transportation Corporation
Whitlock Transportation Services
Wofford Farms
Workhorse Transportation
Worthington Sensitive Products Transport, LLC
Zalt Transport, Inc.

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I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to my legitimate commenters.


Coupon Mommie said...

Hubby has pulled for JB Hunt before and USXpress was his first job out of trucking school.

Sam said...

Thanks for the info, man!

Road King said...

Coupon Mommie,

Thanks for the additional information. Hope all is going well with the new business.

Road King said...


You're welcome. Glad to know someone is getting some good out of this information.

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Road King said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad it helped you with your college assignment.

Anonymous said...

I should digg your post therefore more people are able to look at it, really helpful, I had a hard time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

- Norman

Anonymous said...

if anyones on here today all the best to yous for 2012

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for this blog, it has been interesting and helpful! I have considered being an O/O for years, but when I had a family they came first...dreams of owning my own truck put on hold.

Just had a thought when looking at this list. Some of these companies would not hire me as a company driver (I have tried) because I have no OTR experience. I would have to go to an approved school. One even said if I got hired with a small local company after 6 months they could at least work with me. I have had my CDL since 1992. For the last 7 years I have worked in the oil field driving truck, but as soon as I mention oil field everyone back pedals. Yet if I owned my own truck these same companies would hire me with no experience. That just seems wrong. Like they don't want to give a guy a fair shake.

Road King said...


Thank you for commenting. As always, I'm pleased when someone lets me know this blog has been helpful to them.

Experience ... a Catch 22! Without it you can't get a job, and without a job, you can't get experience.

The person who told you to try to get a local job at a small company to get experience was correct. Many times, small companies will hire someone with little or no experience before large companies will. It may not be doing exactly what you want to do (e. g. local deliveries instead of OTR), but at least you will have something to put on a resume.

Since you already have a CDL, another way to get experience is if you know an OO who needs a helper, perhaps for unloading. You could go with him and get some driving under your belt before trying to find a job. I have done this for several people over the years, and it helped all of them to get out on their own.

I don't know why working in an oil field job would hurt your hireability.

Yes, I have seen companies hire unexperienced OO's. I guess it is because they have less risk .. if you destroy a tractor, it is yours, not theirs. However, in my opinion, this too may be changing due to CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance). The reason for this is if an OO gets points, so does the carrier.

You are right, it doesn't seem fair, but little in life is.

Good Luck. Drop us a note and let us know how things are going for you.

wyo_cementer said...

Hi again! I am the last one who posted a comment here. Well...after 2 checks in a row at $900/2 weeks each and just getting told we are shut down from hauling bentonite for a week (yet again!) it's time to move on!

I've only been hauling bentonite (pulling double bellydumps) for about 4 months, but we have struggled financially the whole time. Seems like I could do better than $450 a week running OTR. Unfortunately, I don't know of any O/O right now who needs a helper. Tempted to buy a truck and flatbed trailer (or no trailer and just do drop and hook) and just go for it. Or see if I can get on somewhere as a company driver. Would be better than nothing.

Thought about lease/purchase, but even most of them want at least 12 months OTR (at least 3 states). I have only crossed state lines a handful of times in the last 7 years (twice from WY to TX in last 2 years), but it's pretty rare. And some of those guys just take lease after lease (why would anyone want to be constantly under a lease?).

As far as the oil field issue, I believe much it is that most companies think you spend more time waiting on location than driving. Not necessarily true, but I'm not going to argue with them over it.

Anyway, not sure what I am going to do at this point. What are your thoughts?

Road King said...


Thanks for keeping us updated.

$450 a week is a little low, and getting constantly shut down really hurts the bottom line.

I can understand your frustration. Buying a tractor may be a way to go, but since you said you are struggling, I don't think you would have enough to money to get started. Even if you could get a loan, going in debt for anything other than your equipment is pretty much asking for disaster. If you do decide to buy a tractor, I would not advise you to buy a trailer to begin with.

Becoming a company driver is probably your best solution. OOIDA surveys have shown that company drivers make more than OO's. This would give you experience, and help you get on your feet, so that maybe you could buy a truck later on, if you would still want to.

Stay away from lease/purchase. See OOIDA's blog: Lease purchase is not the way to get into trucking for some good reasons why.

I don't know much about oil field operations, but I have some friends who haul for a fracking company. The only time they sit is when the well equipment is down (and they get paid while sitting). Maybe that is something you could look into.

I wish I could give you an answer, but I can't. There is supposedly a driver shortage at this time. It seems to me, if you have a good work record, you should be able to get hired somewhere, even without OTR experience. All I can say, it keep trying, and keep your chin up. Man, that really helps, doesn't it?!

wyo_cementer said...

Road King,

I just read the OOIDA blog and it sure makes sense (wish I could pay the membership fee right now and I would comment with my own 2 cents!). Following is a supposed "testimonial" that brought up my original question about lease-purchase. This driver is supposedly on his 3rd one since Sept. 2005 and is looking forward to his 4th! This is just me, but I think I would as soon pay 1 off and continue to use it (unless, of course, it's not not financially feasible due to high maintenance costs or whatever).

I have left out the company name:

"I started with (company name) in September 2005. My first truck was a 2000 Volvo I was able to pay this truck off within 10 1/2 months. I bought my 2nd Lease purchase truck a 2005 Kenworth and this took 2 1/2 years to pay off. I am now working on my 3rd Lease purchase a 2008 Kenworth. This lease purchase is one of the best I have found all it takes is hard work having a game plan and sometimes having to take the bad with the good. I would personally recommend this company to anyone who is considering driving or searching for a new Trucking company. They help you when you need help and take care of you if you have a situation come up. I am looking forward to paying this truck off and possibly purchasing my 4th lease purchase truck. If you stick with it thru good and bad this program will work for you."

I did the math...this guy has literally been making truck payments since 2005! And is considering a 4th truck?! I say either crazy or stupid. Or this testimonial is phony! It can happen!

Road King said...


I am glad that you found the OOIDA site to be beneficial. There is scads of information that can accessed on their site without being a member, and I encourage all of my readers to take advantage of it.

FYI, if you are an OO, your OOIDA memberships due may be tax deductible.

Thank you for posting this "testimonial".

I agree with you, this guy is either crazy, stupid or the testimonial is phony.

I heard recently that companies are paying people to write phony reviews (not just trucking), about a product, service, or whatever. It just goes to show that everything on the internet has to be verified or taken with a grain of salt.

That is why I either provide links to legitimate sites, or tell my readers that something is just my opinion, or is based on experience, but they should always check the facts with another source.

Thanks again for writing.

Anonymous said...

just dropping by to say hello

Road King said...


Hi! Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Mercer will not put on an owner operator without at least one year of OTR experience. I just submitted an application to them, and they turned me down for not having 1 year recent.

I have 12 years and over 1.2 million miles from 1978-1999. Been off the road for 15 years. Looking for a good flatbed or heavy haul outfit to give me a chance to prove myself.

Road King said...


So very sorry for the delay in posting this, but for some reason, it went to my "junk mail" box, and I just found it.

Thank you for the information about Mercer.

If anyone can give this writer any help in finding a company, please post it here.

Thank you.

Zach Thalman said...

I really thought you had to have some kind of certification stating you can work in this field aside from a CDL. I wonder if they set up small runs with businesses around the state to practice with. I think it would be really tough having to drive something so big as these trucks. I wonder how long it takes you to know the ins and outs of driving a semitruck.

Zach |

leachmark707 said...

Wow, there a re lot of trucking companies out there. Do they all have the same business model? I would like to own and operate my own truck, I just don't know how long it will take.
Mark Leach |

Mychal Adams said...

You may need to recheck your sources on these companies. I just checked around 20 of the companies and not a single one would have an owner opp/ lease purchase without a minimum of 3 months exp.. Most were 6 months which is still not too bad but its not as you stated with no experience....

Road King said...

Mychal Adams,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. As I stated in the post:

"Below is a list of companies I found on the internet through various sources that stated these companies would hire an owner operator who has no experience.

Most of these companies have websites, but a few of them don't. I do not know anything about them, so I am not endorsing them."

When I have time, I will try to weed out some of them.



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