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Owner Operator 411


26 February 2011

Blogs, Forums, and Other Resources

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Anti-Idling Regulations
Definitions and Industry Terms
Blackrock Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
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Privacy Policy
1) Owner Operator 411 – Welcome
2) Income and Expenses
3) Financing and Credit
4) Operating Authority or Leasing?
5) Equipment
6) How To Do Bookkeeping and Other Necessary Paperwork
7) What You Need to Know About Loadboards
8) Companies That Lease Beginning Owner Operators
9) What You Actually Need to Get Started - Licenses, Permits, Insurance, and Taxes
10) Truck Driving Schools

Below is a list of some blogs, forums, and other resources. Reading what others have to say about their experiences is a good way of trying to discern if the life as an owner operator is for you.

Some of these are written by current truck drivers, so you can get another point of view besides mine.



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