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26 November 2011

A Holiday Wish

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Christmas is coming and that has made me think about some of my past Christmases. Being an owner operator, I always made sure I never leased on to a carrier with forced dispatch, so I was always able to be home with my family for Christmas, although I missed most other holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.

After our children were grown, my wife and I would often take loads to deliver during the holiday season. These were usually easy to get, as few people wanted to work then if they didn't have to, so more freight would be available. Sometimes the loads would even pay more. People would usually be nicer and friendlier. It wasn't uncommon to get a free meal if you bought fuel. Try finding that today!

Christmas at home was so much more special because I got to spend so little time with my family. It was such joy to watch the faces of the kids as they opened their presents -- which were always bought and wrapped by my wife. But Christmas wasn't about the presents. My greatest gift was just being with my family. To get to know them again, to be able to share what was going on in their lives, catching up with their activities, and just being able to hold and cuddle with them. That is the most wonderful thing in the world, and I cherished every moment. Leaving was always so hard.

My wish to you is that you have a loving family that you are able to spend time with, who in turn you will love, cherish, enjoy and appreciate.

If you celebrate some holiday other than Christmas, this wish will still apply.



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