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11 February 2009

Blackrock Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Information for the Owner Operator

My Problems with a Blackrock APU

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  BLACKROCK APU's are no longer being manufactured, as the company has gone out of business.

Subject: Misrepresentation of online advertising of Blackrock Evolution Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

Complaint: I researched APU's for about a year and in September 2008, finally decided to purchase a Blackrock Evolution because 1) It is available with a 5.2 kW generator, 2) It has an optional “Quiet Comfort” kit, 3) It has a programmable digital electronic control unit (ECU) with a battery monitor, which keeps the batteries charged 4) There is a nearby service center, and 5) It has higher BTU's than any other APU I researched. The old control unit had a battery monitor, but it only told you when the batteries were low, it did not keep them charged.
After the APU was installed on my truck, I was told the one I purchased did not come with an programmable digital ECU. I was told mine was an older model (Rev 6), and if I wanted the programmable digital ECU, I would have to upgrade and purchase one for about $1,200.00 to $2,000.00 (every time I was told I could purchase it, I was given a different price). When I purchased the APU, no one told me it was an old unit. Blackrock uses the term "Rev" to mean "Revision".
It took many phone calls and communications with both Blackrock and their dealer, Cleveland Brothers, before I got any satisfaction from either; then it was only from Cleveland Brothers, Blackrock never even responded to my certified letter of complaint.

Why I feel the programmable digital ECU should have been on the APU I purchased:

I have screen shots of Blackrock's website, stating that the programmable digital ECU is standard, not an option or an upgrade.
Since I contacted Blackrock on 24 September 2008, concerning this matter, they added one web page, buried under “News”, stating the battery monitor is a retrofit option for
'Revs. 1 – 10 Standard Feature on Rev 11 forward”
and added one web page (also under “News”) stating,
"modular electonics is available as a BLACKOCK® APU product upgrade, our team of engineers have designed a feature that moves the APU’s electronics to a protected environment. This upgrade will protect the APU’s electronics from corrosion and debris. Offered as an upgrade only Available for Revs 1 – 10”, then below that it says, “revs 1 – 11”.
and changed one web page "Options" by adding
"New Programmable Digital Electronic Control Unit (for revisions 14+)”
Still on their web site (as of today, 04 March 2009), is their Product Specification Sheet, which lists the ECU as a feature, and it is not included in the options section. It does not mention any upgrade, or any particular model or Rev., and Product Specification Chart, which lists the ECU as a feature, and it is not included in the options section. It does not mention any upgrade, or any particular model or Rev. Also, if you click on “Electronic Control Unit” on it describes the ECU, but does not mention it being an option, an upgrade, or only being on certain models or revisions.
I cannot prove the added or changed pages were added or changed after I called Blackrock, but I can show screen shots of Blackrock's various web pages, or screen shots of various pages of their pdf files (e.g. user guide) showing dates ranging from March 2008 to August 2008 (before we purchased our APU). All of these pages either list the ECU as a feature, or omit it as an option. Not one of them say anything about an upgrade or being available only on certain “revisions”. In the Evolution User Guide Version 1, Rev 1, which describes the operation of the ECU, it is not listed with the other options under the options section.
I have been researching APU's for about a year. One of the ones I looked at was a Blackrock. I thought I would like the Blackrock for several reasons, among them the high BTU's; the many features of the digital programmable digital electronic control unit (ECU), with new battery monitor which keeps the batteries charged; and the fact that there is a Cleveland Brothers Equipment service center within 20 miles of where I live, which is an installation and repair center, but not a dealer; the Quiet Comfort option; and the availability of the 5.2kW generator. The Hunker, PA facility is over three times that far from me.
After looking at Blackrock's web site and reading all of the information numerous times, I called, the contact person listed on Blackrock's web site, at Cleveland Brothers Hunker, PA facility.
When I asked the contact person a couple of questions about the unit, he referred me to Blackrock's web site for details. After calling him several more times gathering additional information, I finally decided the Blackrock Evolution, with the Quiet Comfort option, was the APU I wanted. I asked him if he had one in stock, or if it had to be ordered. He said he had one in stock. I asked if it had a 3.7 kW or a 5.2 kW generator, and he said it had a 5.2kW generator.
On 28 August 2008, I called Owner Operator Services, Incorporated [OOSI] (a division of Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association – OOIDA), to apply for a loan. I was faxed the paperwork. I filled it out and returned it on 02 September. Upon learning of our loan approval on 04 September, I called Cleveland Brothers and scheduled an appointment for installation. The appointment was scheduled for 15 September. This date was chosen as I was leaving on vacation on 18 September and I would be able to pick the truck up before I left, as I was told the installation would be finished on 17 September.
I notified OOSI that we would be picking up the truck on 17 September, and was told that after we inspected the unit and it met with our approval, the money would be wired to Cleveland Brothers, and that it would take about two hours for the transfer.
On 12 September, I took the truck to Cleveland Brothers to leave it to have the installation done. On 16 September, I called Cleveland Brothers and was told the truck would not be ready on the 17th. I told them as I was leaving on the 18th, I would have to wait until the 22nd to pick up the truck. They said that would not be a problem. I did not call OOSI and tell them that we would be picking up the truck at a later date.
On the 22nd , I went to Cleveland Brothers to pick up the truck. Upon arrival, I found out that OOSI had already paid for the APU on the 17th.
The contact person started the APU, and showed me how it had been installed, how it worked, etc. When he picked up the control unit, I asked for the operation manual and for him to show me how to program the unit. He said the APU was not shipped with an operation manual, but he had one faxed from Blackrock and gave it to me. He said they would mail me a copy of the original. The one they faxed and the one they mailed to me were copies of the one from the website, and both had the operating instructions for the programmable digital electronic control unit.

He also told me the control panel was not programmable. He said that he had just discovered that Blackrock had upgraded the control panel to a programmable one, but it would cost $1,800.00 to $2,000.00 dollars, and I would have to pay for it if I wanted it.

As OOSI had already paid for the unit, I took the truck home. Immediately upon arriving home, I called Blackrock's customer support and spoke with service representative, Julie Adams, and asked about the programmable digital ECU. I was told that Cleveland Brothers had ordered the APU they installed on our truck in February 2008, before the control unit had been upgraded. Ms. Adams told me to talk with Cleveland Brothers, but there was nothing Blackrock could do, except to sell me the upgrade.

I asked her how I was supposed to use the control unit which came with our APU, as the instructions were all for the new programmable digital ECU. She faxed me seven pages of a user manual containing the instructions for the control console that came with my APU. The faxed copies were almost unreadable, and the “pictures” were just black blobs.
On the 23rd, I spoke with the contact person at Cleveland Brothers and he told me that he did not know about the upgraded electronic control unit until the 19th, when a customer called and asked about it. I told him that when I researched Blackrock's web site, it showed the programmable digital ECU, and nowhere did it say anything about the unit being upgraded, or there being an older non-programmable unit. He said that after I got home, I decided I wanted something better, and thought I could get it without paying for it. He also told me that was not possible that I had seen the programmable digital ECU on Blackrock's website before I purchased mine, as Blackrock had just added the new unit to their site sometime after 12 September.

However, on Blackrock's web site, it had a PDF of the user manual for the Evolution, which explained in detail how to program the digital electronic control unit. I had downloaded and printed this manual. I had read it several times before I decided to purchase the Blackrock Evolution. The document properties show this manual was created on July 15, 2008.
Blackrock's web site also had a Evolution product specification sheet (PDF) which clearly states that the Programmable Digital Electronic Control Unit is a feature (not an option). According to the document properties this is dated 31 July 2008.
It also had a Evolution product specification chart (PDF) which listed options, but again, the ECU was listed as a feature, not an option. This chart was dated 07 August 2008 on the document properties page.

There was also a news release on Blackrock's website, dated 27 March 2008 introducing the Blackrock Evolution. In that release, it states, “it comes standard with the same robust, high performing features as its big brothers, including a battery monitor to keep batteries charged and an electronic control unit that can be programmed to perform a wide range of functions.” The news release also lists the options, but once again, the ECU is listed as standard, not optional, and does not say anything about it only being on certain revisions.

Also, Blackrock has a picture of the of the programmable digital electronic control unit on their web site and I have a screen shot of the image properties, which shows it was added to Blackrock's web site on 29 July 2008. No where on their site, did it show or mention the control unit which came with my APU.

The Cleveland Brothers contact old me the only recourse I have is to purchase the programmable digital electronic control unit at Cleveland Brothers cost. He then told me to wait and he would see what he could do.
On 24 September, I checked Blackrock's web site and found it had been changed. The digital programmable electronic control unit is now listed as an option – on one page only – the other pages (specifications chart, specification sheet and press release), still do not list the programmable digital ECU as an option. There were also two web pages listed under “Update”. One says the battery monitor is a “Retrofit Option for Blackrock APU Revs. 1 – 10. The other upgrade page says the APU electronics have been moved to “a protected environment”. However; both the product specification chart, the product specification sheet, and the press release are still on the Blackrock web site.

Also on 24 September, I had not heard from Cleveland Brothers contact, so as I am a member of Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), I called them about this matter. Blackrock is a corporate supporter of OOIDA and I thought they could give me some advice regarding this issue. I spoke with a man named Bruce, explained our problem and sent him some of the screen shots. He told me he would call me back. When he called me, he told me he had spoken with “the owner” of Blackrock and told him of our problem. Within 15 minutes of my being informed of Bruce's call to Blackrock, the Cleveland Brothers contact called me and told me told me that Cleveland Brothers would order and install the ECU. I asked if there be any charge, and he said, that although he didn't think it was right, there would be no charge.
He also told me that Blackrock would be unable to ship the ECU until November. I was not happy about that, but accepted it.

On 25 November, having not heard from Cleveland Brothers, I called just to see the when the ECU would be in. The contact told me that it could not be shipped for several more months yet. He also told me that Cleveland Brothers would only pay for the installation, not the programmable digital ECU. When I told him that is not what he told me in September, he again started saying that I knew what I was buying and that after I got home, I decided we wanted something better. If that were the case, why would I have asked him to show me how to program the programmable digital ECU while I was still at Cleveland Brothers facility dealership when I was picking up the truck on 22 September and then immediately call Blackrock as soon as I got home?
After much discussion, the Cleveland Brothers contact agreed to initiate a three-way phone call with himself and his “boss”, Tony, myself and Blackrock on 02 December. By 12 December I had heard not one word from the contact. If he were having difficulty getting the call together, he could have called and told me that. By not contacting me at all, I can only surmise that he was avoiding me and thought that if he put this off long enough, I would go away.
On 12 December, I called the contact and left a message. He promptly returned my call. He told me again that he can not get the ECU for a long time, maybe several months He also reiterated that Cleveland Brothers would install the ECU (if they ever receive it) at no charge, but they would not pay for the unit.

I told him I have supporting documents showing the information about the ECU was posted on Blackrock's web site before our purchase. We agreed I would fax him copies of the supporting documents, and he would contact Blackrock on our behalf and see if he could get them to pay for the ECU. I promptly faxed the documents to him.

Also, on 12 December, I started calling other Blackrock Dealers. Every one that I contacted told me that they could get the ECU within days, the shortest being overnight and the longest being a week. One dealer wasn't sure how long it would take and he said he would call me back. About an hour later he called me and said he had called Blackrock and they told him they could ship the ECU to him the following day.

One dealer I contacted wanted to know why I was inquiring about ordering a programmable digital ECU when I had purchased an Evolution. He also thought the APU should have come with the programmable digital ECU and didn't understand why we needed to purchase one. When I explained my story to him, he was so appalled by our treatment that he called Blackrock and spoke with Amy Hartley (another service representative, and Rick Shaff (Blackrock's president) on our behalf, to no avail.

On 15 December, having heard nothing from Cleveland Brothers, I called Blackrock and spoke with Amy Hartley. She told me that Blackrock had no intention of giving us an “upgraded” programmable digital ECU. I told her I had supporting documents, and she gave me her email address, and I sent the documents to her. She told me she was going on vacation for two weeks and 19 December would be her last day before leaving.
After sending her the new information, I did not hear from her, so on 18 December, I sent her an email and asked if she received the documents. She emailed back that she had received them.

On 08 January 2009, after waiting for Ms. Hartley to return from her vacation, I called her, and left a message on her voice mail. She did not call me back. On 13 January, I called and Ms. Hartley answered the telephone. She told me that Blackrock's position had not changed – they still will not do anything to help me in this matter. She told me I could purchase a programmable digital ECU, if I wished. She went on to say that this decision had been made after a discussion with her supervisor, Rick Shaff. I asked her about the documents I had sent her showing they advertised the ECU before we purchased the APU and she only stated that. “We (Blackrock) still stand by our decision.”

I believe that I should have received the new “updated” programmable digital ECU, as no where on Blackrock's web site was there any mention of an older control unit, an upgrade or an option (until 24 September), and in doing my research, I thought I was going to get the programmable digital electronic control unit, since that is what was described on Blackrock's web site, especially as all the information on their website is dated well before the date we ordered our Blackrock.

As stated earlier, I asked the the Cleveland Brothers contact if the Evolution they had in stock had the 3.7 or 5.2 kW generator. He told me it had the 5.2 kW generator – it doesn't; it has the 3.7 kW. I have no proof of this conversation, so I am not making an issue about it. I only mention it to demonstrate my total experience in purchasing this APU. I did not notice that it was the 3.7 until several days after I got home.

I have been having some other trouble with this APU – it won't start. I called Cleveland Brothers near my home to make an appointment to have it worked on. One of the reasons I bought this (see first paragraph of overview) is because Blackrock has a service center near me. When I called them today, they told me they did not work on APU's and never had. They said I would have to take it to Hunker, PA (the place where I bought it).

Now instead of going 20 miles to have it worked on, I will have to drive 70 miles. I could have purchased other APU's, but their service dealers were too far away, and I wanted one close to home, among the other reasons stated earlier.

On my way home from picking it up in September, the plug for the engine heater fell on the ground and I was dragging it down the road, until it was discovered.

When I got home, to my horror, I found that most of my air lines were burnt from the APU exhaust. The installer had no consideration for the truck components when he put the APU on. I had to reroute the APU's exhaust lines, add insulation and replace my airlines on the truck.
Also I paid an extra $350.00 for the "Quiet Comfort" kit. According to the Blackrock manual, the Quiet Comfort kit:
reduces the APU's already quiet sound to a mere whisper with this innovative sound reducing enhancement.
Neighbors parked on either side of a truck equipped with a BLACKROCK® APU product will barely know its there when it's running. This enhancement makes the sound so quiet, talking on a cell phone and being heard is never a problem.
Well, it is a problem! You can barely hear yourself think. It is noisier than a reefer. I have to park way in the back of the lot, away from other trucks before I can run it, so I won't keep everyone else awake. I am embarrassed to turn it on.

Also, they plumbed the vents into my existing truck vents, and when I am driving and turn on the truck A/C, it won't blow air in the bunk.

When I picked the truck up in September, I was told that the installed wired the APU so that it could not run when the truck is running. Guess what? You can run both at the same time.

If anyone is interested in seeing my supporting documents, let me know and I will be glad to post them.

On 23 January, I mailed certified, return receipt letters to Rick Shaff, President of Blackrock and Jay Cleveland, Jr., President and CEO of Cleveland Brothers.

Also on the 23 January, I got the APU started. The weather had warmed up to about 35ยบ. On the 24th, it again started. After running for 4 hours, it just shut off. No discernible reason.
On 27 January, Jay Cleveland, Jr. called. He said he would have to talk with some of the people involved and investigate the matter further, and he would call me back later.

An hour and a half later, another person from Cleveland Brothers called. He said he was Product Support Manager. He told me that Cleveland Brothers would order the ECU and as soon as it arrived and we could schedule an appointment to have it installed, at no charge. I asked what “no charge” meant and he said, “It means, you pull your truck in our garage, we put the ECU on the truck, and you pull out of the garage, and you won't be charged for the unit or the installation.” I told him that would be fine, and asked to get that in writing. He told me he would have the initial contact person call me and get our email address and send an email verification.

I never did receive a written verification.

On 28 January at 1:35 p.m., having not heard from the contact person, I sent a text message, asking why I had not heard from him.

The contact person called on 29 January, and said he had been told to call me. He said the programmable digital ECU had been ordered by another Cleveland Brothers facility and should arrive no later than Monday 02 February. He said he would call and schedule an appointment to have it put on when he knows when it will be there. I told him that the APU wouldn't start and he said they would also take care of that when they put the ECU on. He said it would take about 8 hours to install the ECU.

On 05 February he called and said that the other Cleveland Brothers facility called him and told him the ECU would not arrive for about another week. He said again, he will call me when he gets the ECU, but he doesn't know when that will be, or if it will be longer than a week.

On 19 February, I called the contact person. He was out of the office, so I left a message on his voice mail, asking him to call me.

He had not returned my call by 23 February, so I called him again. Once again I had to leave a message on his voice mail, asking him to call me.

On 26 February, the contact person's co-worker from Cleveland Brothers at Hunker, PA called and wanted to set up an appointment to have the ECU put on. I made the appointment for Monday, 02 March and took the truck there on that morning to have the programmable digital ECU installed, I told him I had been having trouble starting the APU, the freon had all leaked out, and it was plumbed wrong.

Late in the evening on March 05, (4 full days), they called and said it was ready. When I went to pick it up, they had installed the programmable digital ECU, and fixed the freon leak. They did not charge me anything. They gave me no paperwork. They said they had not even written a work order. Sounds to me as though the wanted to cover up the fact that they bought and installed the programmable digital ECU.

I still have never heard from Blackrock regarding the certified letter of complaint I sent on 23 January. Some customer service!?
Now here's the kicker! After telling me for 5½ months that the Blackrock Evolution model I purchased was an older unit and was not supposed to have the programmable digital electronic control unit, I received a letter from Blackrock on 27 February, about a programming adjustment that needed to be made to the programmable digital electronic control unit. The cover letter said, “Enclosed you will find Service Bulletin 17. This Service Bulletin is applicable to your Blackrock APU Serial Number ...” and gave the serial number for my unit.

If my APU was not supposed to have this programmable digital ECU, then how could the Service Bulletin apply to my specific unit, by serial number – not model?

As far as I am concerned, that letter just goes to show I was right all along, and my APU was supposed to have the programmable digital ECU. What do you think? I would not recommend a Blackrock to anyone.

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I am sorry I have to do this, but due to spam "comments"  I feel I need to moderate comments from now on.
I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to my legitimate commenters.


Anonymous said...

What a nightmare, I remember when people did good business by providing goods or services and standing by it till the customer was satisfied. Companies today aint got a clue what that is anymore!

Road King said...


It was a nightmare. I'm just glad it is over.

You are so right about companies not having a clue. I remember those days, too. Today they act as though you owe them when you buy their products!

I don't think I would have been so upset had Blackrock tried to work with us, or offered something instead of blowing us off and totally ignoring us.

I appreciate your comment.

lisa_litteral said...

I understand where you are coming from. We have a Black Rock Systems APU. We have not been happy with it. While still under warranty we had trouble with the Yanmar engine. We ended up hiring a lawyer and notifying the Better Business Bureau in Reno, NV where Black Rock corporate is located to get the matter resolved. It took months but it settled in our favor. We also have trouble with the unit turning off for no reason. If you have any idea how to fix this problem let us know. We are an owner operator. We can not just sit in a repair shop day after day hoping to get the matter fixed. We have had many problems with the unit and do not wish to buy another one. We would not recommend Black Rock Systems, LLC to any one. We have had our unit for 4 years. We bought black rock apu only because it offered the bigger btu output than the other brands on the market at the time. We wish we would of bought another brand for our truck. We have the 36,000 btu with a 3 cyclinder engine. The unit does not cool the cab enough in the summer time. It warms the cab in the winter ok. However, we live and work most of our time in the south USA. They do not have much of a winter. We need the unit to cool better. Different dealers looked at it but all they say is that it it putting out what it is suppose to.

Road King said...


I'm sorry to hear about all of the trouble you are having with your Blackrock APU.

I'm glad you won your lawsuit, but in my opinion, the fact that you had to sue just goes to show what kind of a company Blackrock is to deal with. They gave us absolutely no help at all.

When a person spends up to $10,000 for something, you expect it to work. If it doesn't, you at least expect the company you bought it from to work with you to make it right.

I don't know what is causing your unit to shut off.

In addition to what has been printed on this blog, we are still having trouble with our Blackrock, and the ECU doesn't work correctly.

Like you, we bought a Blackrock because of the larger BTU output than other APUs we looked at, but like you, it does not cool or heat adequately.

We found another company that sells and installs Blackrocks and we contacted them. They said that it is not the APU, but the installation that is keeping it from performing as it should. We just took our truck up to them this week and had them change all of the "plumbing". They told us that it should now almost freeze us out, even in the hottest weather.

So far, we have not had to run it, due to the "in between" weather we are having here, so we don't know if it is "fixed" or not.

If this additional work corrects the cooling/heating problem, I will post an update and give the credit to the company that fixed it.

Sorry I couldn't help you with yours.

I just hope that by having this on my blog, and having people like you comment, it will help other people make a decision when they are buying an APU.

lrlitteral said...

Yes.. Please give us an update if your unit cools better. Let us know the company and exactly what they did. My husband is very interested.
Hope you find out about your ECU problem. ASAP.

Road King said...


I have not forgotten you.

We are still having trouble with the ECU and so we can't really tell if the APU is working better or not.

I called Blackrock last week and they said they are "upgrading" the ECU's, and we were put on a waiting list.

Hopefully, after ours is "upgraded" it will work and I can give you an answer.

Please note that we were not notified about the upgrade. If I had not called them, I would never have known about it. More good customer service from Blackrock!

Road King said...


I finally have a partial answer for you.

I still don't know what is causing your APU to shut off. Ours shut off and started up for no reason, but we believe that it is the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which is the digital one, and not the one you have. After talking with Blackrock, we have partially corrected this part of our problem. We are still on the waiting list for the "upgrade", however.

The other work that we had done, did help a lot. I finally took a load to Texas this week and was able to run the A/C for the first time.

Pro-Fab Associates:
280 Hostetter Rd
Manheim, PA 17545-8549
(717) 664-4216
is who did the work I previously told you about.

Cleveland Brothers plumbed the APU into the truck's existing vent system. Pro Fab took all of the duct work out, built a box under the bunk, and made the duct work separate, blowing straight into the sleeper from under the bunk.

This increased the air flow a great deal and really helped. The extra air made a big difference in the amount of heat (and now I found out cool air) that enters the bunk.

I hope you already have your problem fixed. Keep me posted on your progress (or lack of - ha, ha?).

lrlitteral said...

We still do not know what causes our APU to shut off and not start back up. 2 weeks ago it shut off in the night and would not come back on. Ran the truck the rest of the night. Next day APU worked and has worked each night since. Who knows?

lrlitteral said...

UPDATE: The Black Rock Generator has been taken off our truck. Too many headaches over the unit shutting off and not running for no reason. 3 weeks ago the unit keep shutting off after 10 minutes of running 3 days in a row. My husband worked on moving around wires then got called out for a load and stop what he was doing on the generator. That night and the next 2 nights the generator ran as normal. 3rd night at 3am in the morning the generator made a trouble noise and shut off. All the warning lights on the inside panel lit up. He smelled smoke. He turned everything off. The next morning he looked at the generator. The motor/heads had burned up again. The thermostat must not had work to turn the motor off. So when he got home he removed the entire unit off the truck. No more generator. This generator has been more frustation than what it has been worth. 10k for the unit plus all of the expenses to keep it running doesn't seem like we got ahead of the game with fuel savings. If we saved 75.00 per week x50 weeksx 5 years = 18,750.00 in 5 years. just minus the 10k = 8750.00 divided by 5 years divided by 12 months was 145.00 savings per month... Was it worth it..... when you count the stress and headache and down time and the travel to get to a location to get it fix.... do not recommend buying a Black Rock Generator to any one.......

Road King said...


I guess we won't have to be worrying about anyone else buying a Blackrock APU because as of April 30, 2010, they are no longer in business.

According to

"Black Rock APU Says Farewell

Black Rock Systems, a manufacturer of auxiliary power units based in Nevada, has ceased operations as of April 30, according to reports by Land Line magazine. On its web site, the company refers customers to its distributors and service centers for APUs that need to be serviced.

According to Land Line, the company is looking for a buyer. The publication quoted a dealer letter by CEO Rick Shaff, which said the company had "statutory obligations, and obligations to our secured debt holders." The magazine also reports that the company likely won't be able to pay for the work on outstanding warranties because of this."

Go to: for more.

As far as Blackrock is concerned, I say, "Horray!", but I do feel sorry for the all of the APU owners who are now stuck out in the cold as far as service goes. Of course, in my and your experience, they really aren't any worse off.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Road King said...


Thank you so very much for your kind comment.

I try very hard to post useful and honest information.

I am especially glad that you keep finding new information that is of benefit to you.

I love getting comments, especially good ones! LOL.

Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Road King said...


Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Road King said...


Sorry, I don't understand your comment. Would you care to elaborate?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Road King said...


How true, especially when you are an owner operator.

Anonymous said...

I haven’t checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are really good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend. :)

Road King said...


Thank you for coming back.

You are correct. It is getting boring, but it is so hard keeping up with this, especially while being on the road, the holidays, and some personal family problems.

Also, I have been working as much as I can updating my eBook, getting it ready for a 2012 edition.

Thank you for your comment, especially since it is positive! LOL

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary posting! I am just getting started in SMO and now we're trying to understand how to best partake of social media optimization for local business.


Road King said...


Thank you!

I, like you, am trying to figure out how SMO can help me promote my blog (and eBook).

I really don't understand a lot of things available on the internet. I started out writing a blog, expanding to an eBook, and that is about as far as I know what to do.

Being a senior citizen (old person), and working full time as an OO, I really don't have much time to learn everything I need to know to best promote my site.

Good Luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing
I really like

Road King said...


You are welcome.

I'm glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and also the rest of the website is also really good.

Road King said...


Thank you.



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